Message from Dean

The Faculty of Architecture at CEPT University is one of the most reputed places for architectural education in the country. The faculty runs the Bachelor of Architecture undergraduate program which is much sought after by students in India and exchange students from other countries. The bachelors is a rigorous and comprehensive program that aims at developing skilled, socially aware and professionally competent architects. The emphasis during this period is in on exploration, exposure to wide ranging disciplines, visual and language skills and critical thinking. Our exchange program with some 14 universities in Europe and America ensures that our students get the best of international exposure. Our graduates are presently running some of the most successful practices in the country and have been at the forefront by undertaking prestigious national and international design projects. Many are working in academic and advocacy organizations and are constantly bringing new knowledge and practice to the public domain.

The Masters degree as part of the postgraduate program offers specialization in Urban Design, Landscape, Theory and Design, Conservation and Sustainable Architecture. These courses attract students from all over the country and prepare them for a career in their chosen specialization. These postgraduates have been finding positions in many organizations engaged with urban projects often as part of multidisciplinary team. Some are engaged in the government and in research organizations as well, apart from teaching. The postgraduate program is designed as an intense two year study that aims at enhancing the competences of the Architect and develops an in-depth understanding in the area of interest.