Bachelor’s in Urban Design

The five year undergraduate program in Planning was started in 2011. Students of planning are expected to engage with multiple challenges. They have to be generalist planners with in-depth knowledge in one of the many thematic areas of the discipline. The faculty offers core courses to develop theoretical knowledge on urbanization processes, its challenges, planning approaches, land use planning, politics and governance of development, economics and sociology of urban and rural areas, and environmental issues.

The program imparts skills for strategic planning and decision-making, negotiating conflicts, statistical methods and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Students are also exposed to the ethics of professional practice, good governance and social justice. In addition, the UG Program also offers students a set of courses in thematic areas such as Housing, Environmental Planning, Infrastructure Planning and Transport Planning, subjects in which they can further specialize at the Masters level.

The program is structured to allow students to undertake a full semester each of a professional internship and an independent research thesis, thereby providing an opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and values gained during the program in real life situations.

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