Message from Dean

The rapidly growing urban sector requires trained professionals for making it work efficiently. Urban areas, comprising of human habitats bring-in diversity of scale, environment, economy, services, people and other factors. Habitats need constant attention to maintain the existing structures and manage the future expansion. Considering the current situation of services in our cities and towns, there is a high demand for professionals who understand the complexities in managing human habitats.

Masters in Habitat Management (MHM) program, launched in 2013 aspires to bring about notable changes in urban India by creating a pool of high quality professionals dedicated to management of human habitats.

The teaching at MHM focuses on building professional capacities and therefore they are centred on the ‘studio’.  Here, students engage with well-designed life-like problems. Coursework, seminars and research assignments, aimed at developing conceptual and analytical abilities of students, and skill-enhancing workshops support learning in the studios.  Faculty of Management works as a collaborative of academics and practitioners.  Practitioners adept at decision-making bring their experience to classrooms and academics impart a more thoughtful and critical approach.  

The MHM program opens up new avenues for employment in Management Companies, Infrastructure Development Organizations, Project Management Companies, Real Estate and Asset Management Consultancies, Local Governments, and International Development Agencies.