Master's in Urban Transport Systems

An effective and efficient transport system is key to economic growth of urban areas and regions. Planning and management of urban transport is complex and requires a comprehensive understanding of various sub-systems like roads and railways, modes like public, private and non-motorised transport, passenger and freight mobility, and the other related dimensions of land use, travel behaviour, energy, affordability, financing and governance. It is only when an integrated approach to achieving transport solutions is adopted, that cities will be able to move towards efficient and sustainable mobility.

With this perspective, Master of Urban Transport Systems aims to provide holistic knowledge on planning, technology, design, operations and management of urban transport, besides developing skill sets related to transport system analysis and application of various policy instruments. The programme will combine theoretical analysis with practical applications to help students understand how to deal with transport problems in the real world. The focus is to enable students to comprehend the complexities of urban transport and develop their capacities to shape the future of transport in cities.

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