Master's in Urban Design

India’s rapid urbanization and the resultant transformation of urban areas poses great challenges to the existing approaches to design of public domain in cities. This also creates an opportunity to imagine the future scenarios of cities with a strong focus on design with functionality, livability, and sustainability. Master of Urban Design (MUD) is intended for individuals who have a strong interest in the practice of shaping the physical form of urban areas and in the design of public places.

Design studios are at the centre of the MUD programme which engages multiple design topics that cut across a variety of scales and urban scenarios. The studio exercises are structured around real-life projects emerging from the public discourse within a given city. These projects will be predominantly concerned with the design of new neighborhoods, urban regeneration, and design of public places.

As there is a growing interest in improving quality of our cities, there is an urgent need for professionals who can imagine and improve the everyday urban life of the urban dwellers through better design of the physical environment. MUD programme pedagogy reciprocates this dynamic urban scenario in preparing design professionals equipped to take on this urban challenge.

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